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Rotary gear limit

Rotary gear limit switches are used to control the movement of crane or hoists when it’s necessary to measure movement based on the rotation angle and/or the number of shaft revolutions, providing upper, lower and/or intermediate limits for moving machinery and mechanisms.

Giovenzana International B.V. offers rotary gear limit switches with standard ratios or direct ratio 50,100,150, 200, 400 in single or double contact is available. They can be configured and combined with encoders and potentiometers to reach your own needs.

Usually connected to the motor shaft, the rotary gear limit switch uses a series of gears and cams to activate a micro switch when the appropriate number of rotations is reached. This is generally used to stop the motion when a moving load has reached the desired position or final positions.

FGR 0With double overhang stainless steel shaft equipped with 2 or 4 micro switches made of self-extinguishing thermoplastic material
Base fixing type available in two different fixing boxes: standard and flanged made of thermoplastic glass fibre reinforced material
Available in aluminium and antistatic plastic case, suitable for use in Zone 2 (Gas) and 21 (dust) with 4 or 6 micro switches
Thermoplastic glass fibre reinforced material IP66 protection - device available potentially until 8 micro switches


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