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Hand Pallet truck- User Manual

Hydraulic Pallet trucks are the most versatile equipment for movement of Palletized goods. 

In many cases customers do not realise the use case and engage manual labour to carry goods around even when their goods are kept on pallets. 

This manual elaborates on the details of HOPT along with its part details. 

Click on the link below to see our demo video 

 How to use Pallet trucks

Wire rope maintenance for Hoist

A healthy hoist is directly dependent on the condition of its wire rope. 

One must give appropriate care in maintaining a favourable rope condition to prevent any mishap during operation. 

This below article is a must read for all maintenance engineers. 

Dangers of Side Pulling in Hoists

Side pulling is one of the most common and most dangerous mistakes made while lifting load using an overhead hoist. 

Proper understanding of load lifting procedures can prevent dangerous accidents, breakdown, costly repairs, and prolong the life of the equipment.

Wire Rope hoist maintenance

Here we have listed most common and useful tips to ensure long operating life for any Indef Wire rope hoist.

A must read for all maintenance personnel taking care of overhead hoists.
Listed are Do's & Dont's , SOP, Spares and some most common breakdown scenarios. 

Contact us for requirement of authorised repairs and spares.